Spot on: Siu Pham


The audience has to make a bit of an effort - Siu Pham's wonderfully intricate visions

One morning, a European in Vietnam takes his fishing rod and his motorcycle and drives down to the local port. He climbs aboard the Vietnamese fishermen's boat, and far out at sea he is allowed to go for a swim. But he doesn't want to come back up again. In spite of the fishermen's protestations, he insists on staying where it is deep, stages his own death, and when he finally returns home, he is a ghost.

Welcome to Siu Pham's wonderfully intricate film world, where everything is simple and nothing is unambiguous. Pham, who is also a visual artist, has her very own impressionist style. Her films are like the pictures you have in your head. Or rather: they are based on ordinary everyday situations and develop like stray thoughts that you can't control.

But she doesn't necessarily make it obvious when it is that the films depart from reality or return to it again. As she says herself: the audience has to make a bit of an effort.