Neil Young in the Director's Chair


Though Neil Young is a widely celebrated rock legend, his expansive film career is known only to a handful of die-hard fans. This year PIX will set out to remedy that, as we bring you the exclusive European premiere of a retrospective series by director Bernard Shakey a.k.a. Neil Young.

With Neil Young's many hit records and historical live performances, he's cemented himself as an artist of legendary proportions. Still, the 70-year old rocker with the signature sideburns have managed to lead a double-life alongside his music carreer as film director Bernard Shakey, while keeping most of the public in the dark.

Therefore, we've put together a retrospective series featuring all eight of the films he's directed since 1974. His work, which will be shown in full, spans captivating concert footage, Cold War satire and all his biggest hits including guest performances by Crazy Horse. While his films might differ in subject matter, they're all shaped by Young's trademark playfulness and carefree atittude.

'Bernard Shakey - Neil Young behind the lens' will be screening at CPH PIX from October 27th until november 9th, and will include the following films:

'Journey Through the Past' (1974)
'Rust Never Sleeps' (1979/2015)
'Human Highway' (1982/2014)
'Solo Trans' (1983)
'Muddy Waters' (1987)
'Greendale' (2003)
'Neil Young Trunk Show' (2009)
'A Day at the Gallery' (2012)