The results are in!


This year's winner - Ralitza Petrova. Photo: Yann Houlberg Andersen.

The festival's main prize New Talent Grand PIX is awarded to Bulgarian filmmaker Ralitza Petrova for her debut film 'Godless'. The awards Nordisk Film Fondens Best Children's Film went to 'Girls Lost' by Swedish Alexandra-Therese Keining. The winner of Politikens Audience Award went to 'Heartstone' by Icelandic Gudmundur A. Gudmundsson, and Politiken Fondens Best Short Film for Children was awarded to 'Ztriwer' by Danish Amalie Næsby.

The festival winners

Winner of New Talent Grand PIX: 'Godless'

Winner of Nordisk Film Fondens Best Children's Film: 'Girls Lost'

Winner of Politikens Audience Award: Heartstone
Screens 09.11 21:15 in Gloria

Winner of Politiken Fondens Best Short Film for Children: 'Ztriwer'

The winner of New Talent Grand PIX

Friday afternoon, this year's international jury consisting of Philippe Grandrieux (FR), Erika Wasserman (SE) and Manuel Alberto Claro (DK) appointed Bulgarian Ralitza Petrova the winner of CPH PIX's main competition, New Talent Grand PIX. 10 debuting directors from all over the world competed for the award and a cash prize of 10.000 euro.

'Godless' is a Bulgarian, Danish and French co-production.

"We were looking for a filmmaker and talent who is not afraid to grab the world with the possibilities of cinema itself and use all its means to invite us inside this process. In such kind of cinema, there is no hierarchy: a scene of eating a soup is shot with the same intensity as a scene of a sex orgy. That is why we have decided to award the New Talent Grand PIX to the daring and interesting voice whose future films we are looking forward to look out for - Ralitza Petrova," the Jury states about the winner.

Winner of Nordisk Film Fondens Beste Children's Film

For the very first time, the award Nordisk Film Fondens Best Children's Film and a 3.000 euro cash prize has been handed out during CPH PIX in relation to the school- and family programme BUSTER. A jury consisting of four children between the ages of 11 and 14 named 'Girls Lost' by Swedish director Alexandra-Therese Keining their favourite film out of the 10 nominees.

"We chose this film, partly because it uses different techniques to express emotion, but mostly because of the messages that the film presents to the viewer. Taboo subjects like gender identity and sexuality is relevant to most teenagers," the children's jury said about their decision.

Winner of Politikens Audience Award

During the first eight festival days, audiences voted for their favourite of 12 chosen features, and once again an Iceladic director arose victorious, as debuting director Gudmundur A. Gudmundsson won over the crowd with his danish-produced feature film 'Heartstone'. The film presents a strong portrait of life in a small Icelandic fishing village.

Second place was awarded to melodrama 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' directed by French Alexandre Aja, while third place was awarded to '24 Weeks' directed by German Anne Zohra Berrached.

Winner of Politiken Fondens Best Short Film for Children

Danish director Amalie Næsby's 'Ztriwer' was declared the winner of this year's Politiken Fondens Bedste Kortfilm for Children. Elaborating on the decision, jury member Helle Strandgaard Jensen said:

"'Ztriwer' is a solid film where the visuals, the sound and the narrative come together to from a fun and relevant story, that will really tug on your heartstrings.
Protagonist Søren is so annoyingly charming and irresistible when he dances us through a story of friendship and the courage to march to the beat of your own drum. The Jutlandic narrator's voice-over is a daring choice that gives this film an edge and makes it stand out."

This year's short film jury consisted of Charlotte Brodthagen, director at production company Made By Us, Helle Strandgaard Jensen, lecturer in History at Aarhus University with a focus on Media History, and Nikolaj Tarp, director, screenwriter and specialist in film and theater dramaturgy.