BUSTERs Children's Jury


Oskar Becher Trier, Christina Åkerman Nielsen, Olga Randløv-Decitre and Liv Burmeister are this year's children's jury for BUSTER. Now they will determine which director will receive the title 'Nordisk Film Fondens Best Children's Film' and a 3.000 euro cash prize.

Film enthusiasts between 11 and 13 years of age have sent in their own film reviews in the hopes of receiving a spot as a BUSTER jury member for 2016.

Among the funniest, wisest and most creative film reviews we found our final jury crew. We chose Christina Åkerman Nielse, Olga Randløv-Decitre, Liv Burmeister and Oskar Becher Trier as our jury.

They will determine the winner of 'Nordisk Film Fondens Best Children's Film'.

The 10 nominees for Best Children's Film are:

'Girl Asleep' by Rosemary Myers (Australia)
'Mune' by Alexandre Heboyan and Benoît Philippon (Switzerland/France)
'Long Way North' by Rémi Chayé (France)
'My Life as a Courgette' by Claude Barras (France)
'6.A' by Peter Modestij (Sweden)
'Enclave' by Goran Radovanovic (Germany)
'The Girl, the Mother and the Demons' by Suzanne Osten (Sweden)
'Girls Lost' by Alexandra-Therese Keining (Sweden)
'Little Men' by Ira Sachs (US)
'Microbe & Gasoline' by Michel Gondry (France)

Read more about the 10 nominees for 'Nordisk Film Fonden's Best Children's Film' here.