Submission for CPH PIX 2017 is now open!

- To submit films for children age 3-16, please click on this BUSTER SUBMISSION FORM.

- For all other fiction feature films, please click on this CPH PIX SUBMISSION FORM.

General Guidelines

The 9th CPH PIX (28/09 - 11/10 2017) is now open for submissions.

Conditions for Eligibility:
To be eligible for CPH PIX, the films are expected to meet the following requirements:

- Must have had its international premiere after January 1st 2016.
- Must be in its original language.
- Must be available in a good quality digital print with English subtitles (if the original language is not English).
- Must have a running time longer than 65 minutes (other rules apply here for the BUSTER sections, see below)
- Must be available for three screenings during CPH PIX.
- Must not previously have had a public screening in Denmark.

Feature fiction films in all genres are eligible. For documentaries we kindly refer to Copenhagen Film Festivals' documentary festival, CPH:DOX ( An exception from this is documentary films aimed at children and youth, which are eligible for our BUSTER sections.

Films aimed at children and youths (age 3-16) are eligible for our BUSTER sections, including short films (less than 40 minutes) and documentaries. You need to select the BUSTER categories in the submitting procedure and indicate an age group for the submitted films target audience. We do not accept films made by children or as part of a school project.

The New Talent Grand PIX:
To be eligible for CPH PIX's competition programme New Talent Grand PIX (with a cash prize of Euro 10.000) further conditions apply:

- Must be the director's first feature/fiction film (longer than 65 min.). In case of two directors, one must be a debuting feature film director. In case of more than two directors, the majority must be debuting feature film directors.

Submissions for Pre-Screening Purposes:
CPH PIX accepts DVD’s or links (vimeo, cinando or other) for pre-screenings by the board of selection. Please note, the festival does not accept trailers as pre-screening material.

Entry Fee:
First features, Danish features as well as Danish short films for the BUSTER section: Free of charge.
Entry fee for all other films is 30 EUR for feature films, 25 EUR for short films.

Deadline for submissions is May 1st 2017 for all films, except film for the BUSTER section, which needs to be submitted before the 15th of April 2017.

All submitted films will be informed whether or not they have been selected no later than September 1st, 2017.

Shipping Guidelines

What To Send:
Please include the following materials in your submission:
A high standard DVD copy of the film (please indicate if the copy submitted is unfinished - a rough cut or a work in progress).

Links should be uploaded to your entry form or sent to If in any other language than English, please submit a copy with English subtitles.
All technical data regarding screening copy and available formats.

Where to send it:
Att. Programme Dept.
Tagensvej 85F
Copenhagen N.

Transportation Costs:
Uninvited submissions must be sent prepaid. The Festival does not accept collect shipments without a prior written agreement. The Festival does not assume responsibility for, nor will it accept, shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage. Clearly indicate on all waybills that transportation and customs charges be billed to the sender. Please remember to clearly indicate that the content is for cultural purposes only.

CPH PIX has no economic liability for any damages to any DVD received for pre-screening purposes. If a film is selected for CPH PIX 2016 all guidelines and information regarding required materials and the shipment of digital or 35 mm prints to and from CPH PIX will be forwarded by the festival office.